Plotly Newsletter, November 2023

3 min readNov 20, 2023

Welcome to Plotly’s monthly newsletter, where we share everything new and exciting in the data app development sphere. November was packed with events, headlines, and community ❤️ — read all about it below:

🗞️ Dash Enterprise 5.2 introduces centralized data app development

Last month, we announced the upcoming Dash Enterprise 5.2 launch. As a follow up, we highlight the centralized data app management capabilities the release brings. 5.2 will enable easier management and deployment of Streamlit and Django apps, enabling cross-functional teams working on multiple projects to unify under a single platform.

Additionally, we share how we’re accelerating data app development with more efficient app management, deployment, and scaling. It introduces Dash Enterprise CLI, Shortcuts with shareable Deep Links, Viewer Analytics, and refreshed app themes, enhancing the data app developer experience within our platform.

To explore further, check out our new Centralized Data App Management page.

🖥️ Plotly’s website has a fresh new look

Exciting updates on the Plotly website! Dive into a new video demonstrating the synergy between Plotly’s graphing libraries, Dash Open Source, and Dash Enterprise. Plus, discover helpful resources and user stories now available on our home page.

🤝 Community Spotlight

➡️ Dash Club 12 is here — This edition includes reflections from Plotly Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Chris Parmer, on processing unstructured data with Dash in the era of generative AI and LLMs.

➡️ November cohort to learn Dash online — The October cohort of our free online course to learn how to build Dash apps was a resounding success! We are accepting registrations for the November cohort and can’t wait to meet more of our community to learn Dash together. Refine your data app-building skills with six engaging live sessions across six modules and multiple exercises.

➡️ Montreal Python Meet Up — Last week, we hosted the Montreal Python Meet Up at the Plotly headquarters. The gathering was filled with vibrant energy and insightful discussions with our community. A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to making the evening memorable and engaging!

➡️ Dash-LangChain App Building Challenge — Calling all LLM builders! Join the Dash-LangChain App Building challenge to craft large language models and pair them with Dash for cutting-edge app interfaces. Evaluation criteria include app usefulness, UI/UX design, and creative integration of LangChain LLMs in the Dash app. Submit your creation in the forum topic by December 31, 2023, for a chance to win cash prizes.

🍂 Catch up on November events

Learn how Crant, a creative machine learning company, uses Dash Enterprise to modify and create pages, generate keyword data using a custom NLP pipeline, analyze imagery at scale, and interact with fellow thought leaders through a LangChain agent with Python REPL. Watch the highlight reel:

TDWI hosted experts from Ballard Power Systems, Databricks, and Plotly to discuss how to implement IoT and other data-intensive applications using modern Python tools on top of a data lakehouse architecture. Watch the highlight reel to learn how Ballard solves challenges in operationalizing and scaling end-to-end data collection, analytics, and visualization workflows:

📚 Resources

Catch up on blog posts and user stories, deep diving into key topics for data science teams:

👋 Thanks for reading!

Thanks for joining us for the November Plotly round-up! Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Plotly next month.




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