Announcing Dash Enterprise 4.3

Plotly’s Dash Enterprise is a one-stop solution for building and deploying analytic data apps in Python. If you’re interested in learning how Dash Enterprise delivers advanced analytics that go beyond BI dashboards while saving 95% of the cost of full-stack development, let’s connect!

Dash Enterprise 4.3 release

A screen recording of Dash Ag-Grid’s data table user interface, where context menus present Excel-like options such as column filtering and freezing.
Dash Ag-Grid offers built-in UI interactions that will feel familiar to Excel users.

Dashboard Engine is a low-code Dash Enterprise capability that accelerates the development time of production-ready Dash apps from weeks to hours and provides the ultimate drag-and-drop flexibility for end users who don’t code. Watch the first public demo of Dashboard Engine we gave in October 2021.

A screen recording of Dashboard Engine’s visual cross-filtering capabilities. A bar chart, scatter plot and data table all update dynamically as a mouse cursor makes data selections in each respective element.
Visual cross-filtering in a Dash app built with Dashboard Engine in 15 lines of code.



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