Announcing Dash Enterprise 4.3

We are happy to announce the release of Dash Enterprise 4.3. This release supports a couple of new features, as well as several maintenance upgrades. Many thanks to our customers who provided early feedback and collaboration to bring these Dash Enterprise 4.3 features into existence 🎉 (You know who you are!)

At a high level, the Dash Enterprise 4.3 release introduces three key updates:

  • Official support for Ag-Grid, a richly featured table component with beautiful properties that are easy to implement
  • Custom elements for Dashboard Engine, enabling users to code their own Dash elements while benefiting from Dashboard Engine’s drag-and-drop capabilities and no-code, visual cross-filtering
  • Maintenance upgrades, including fixes for customers in high-security, air-gapped environments, and routine package upgrades across dozens of apps in the App Catalog

Plotly’s Dash Enterprise is a one-stop solution for building and deploying analytic data apps in Python. If you’re interested in learning how Dash Enterprise delivers advanced analytics that go beyond BI dashboards while saving 95% of the cost of full-stack development, let’s connect!

Dash Enterprise 4.3 release

Dash Ag-Grid is a Dash Enterprise component library. It provides a Python interface to the third-party JavaScript AG Grid library. Dash Ag-Grid enables Dash Enterprise users to add custom, high-performance, Excel-like data tables to their Dash apps.

A screen recording of Dash Ag-Grid’s data table user interface, where context menus present Excel-like options such as column filtering and freezing.
Dash Ag-Grid offers built-in UI interactions that will feel familiar to Excel users.

Dash Ag-Grid was originally built by Plotly’s Services team for a few customers that already used JavaScript AG Grid in their internal websites and wanted a standard table experience across all their digital assets. Using Dash Ag-Grid with the AG Grid Enterprise license offers the best experience with built-in UI interactions — such as column spanning, pinning, resizing and data aggregations — without requiring any extra code. This makes creating, viewing and organizing large, professional-looking data tables quick and easy.

This release brings to Dashboard Engine the same extensibility and level of customization found in the Dash Open Source framework.

Dashboard Engine is a low-code Dash Enterprise capability that accelerates the development time of production-ready Dash apps from weeks to hours and provides the ultimate drag-and-drop flexibility for end users who don’t code. Watch the first public demo of Dashboard Engine we gave in October 2021.

Our customers value the near limitless range of components and chart types that the Dash Open Source framework provides for building interactive, analytic web apps. With Dash Enterprise 4.3, customers will now be able to code their own elements in Dashboard Engine, making it easier to expand the breadth of visualizations and customization available. Since Dashboard Engine is built on top of Dash, all components available in the Dash ecosystem can be wired into a customized Dashboard Engine canvas.

To help with developing custom elements, we’ve added a series of stand-alone example Dashboard Engine elements, with code, to the documentation. The examples range from 10 to 100 lines of code, from “Hello World” to custom Plotly Express charts that are wired into the built-in, visual cross- filtering engine.

A screen recording of Dashboard Engine’s visual cross-filtering capabilities. A bar chart, scatter plot and data table all update dynamically as a mouse cursor makes data selections in each respective element.
Visual cross-filtering in a Dash app built with Dashboard Engine in 15 lines of code.

Of course, there are fixes and minor improvements across the product, from documentation to backups, air-gapped environments to package updates. This upgrade is safe for all customers on Dash Enterprise 4.2. If you have specific questions, reach out to your dedicated customer success representative. We’re here to help!

If you want to join data science teams across the Fortune 500 in choosing Dash Enterprise as your one-stop solution for producing analytic apps at scale, please get in touch or schedule a demo!

Plotly is a software company whose mission is to enable every company, around the world, to build data applications. Our product, Dash Enterprise, is a platform of best-in-class development tools to quickly and easily visualize data in Python from virtually any data warehouse source. With customers across the Fortune 500, Plotly is a category-defining leader in enabling data-driven decisions from advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. For more information, visit



The low-code framework for rapidly building interactive, scalable data apps in Python.

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The low-code framework for rapidly building interactive, scalable data apps in Python.